Photos of us in the BATH are up

Yep its true, I finally got around to putting the photos up. Ive spent hours trying to resize them adequately, downloading programs and testing them out, to no avail. Either they are too small or poor quality. At least all you have to complain about is the download time of a few minutes, Think what it would have been like in the old days like 1970, would take weeks for a letter to arrive and then you would have to decifer my handwriting. So sorry but tuff luck on the image size.

Hope all are well and enjoy our Bath…

Is thet joke wearing thin yet?

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3 Responses to Photos of us in the BATH are up

  1. chris says:

    Yet again fantastic!

    Keep up the good work, it is very inspiring.

    Where will you be going next?

    You should tell Alex and David to check out this site, I would say it could be very beneficial in planning their Itinerary.

    Stay well.

    Lots of Love Chris.

  2. Nice photos. Everytime I see a photo of some place old, it just makes me feel that Australia is so young and uneventful!

    [email protected]

  3. Paul Herzich says:

    Hi Justin and Jane,

    Thank you for the call the other night for Rachs’ birthday. V impressed we were… I liked the photos I will show Rach soon. Harrison is well. I am going to type my email address again, here goes…

    [email protected].

    Now send me a bloody email…

    Take it ezy mate.


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