First Week in London, and Greenwich

If this works you should have plenty of photos to look at for a day or two. If it doesnt youll never see it.

Thanks for all of your comments to date, keep them coming, lets us know you are stil alive

This is Kuala Lumpur Airport, halfway there and only 3 more hours to wait.

On our arrival we met with this happy family who came to visit us after just 3 days. Good to see you guys and where are the rest of you.

Once we found a place the heavens opened up and burried the neighbours, some things wrong we think, someones angry.

This is us going somewhere, to do something, someday

Once the cold vanished we made our way outside and look what we saw, our place.

Of course if we stay outside too long, and Jane is going to kill me for this, she gets grumpy, especiallay after not being able to photograph the cute little squirrel

later that day at the national museum we saw this

and this

On a completely different day we went here, walking under the Thames for fun! ohhh extreme!

But we survived and when we popped out the other end we were i a completely different time zone at Grenwich. Home of modern mans’ and womans’ international date line ‘0’ longitude marker thingy.

and dont we look great, outside thenational maratime museum

hope this works…

publishing now…

here we go…

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