an eerie glow

An eerie glow on the bridge

too cool for school

Who’s this dashing fella on the bridge. Hmmm nice coat

fake grins?

Whats that grin all about jane, we are supposed to be putting forward happy faces!

Thats right, Ill chew your foot off

Whats the deal here? a cherub chewing the foot of the Virgin Mary? They obviously are hungrey little stone chubby angels! A sculpture on the outside of the cathedral within the Prague castle complex

 the castle and bridge

this is a daytime shot of the castle hill. with the King charles bridge and its throngs of tourist to the midground over the river Vltava.

 Jane in a garden

Jane (obviously) standing amid the trees  and white stones in a modern architecturally designed garden within the grounds of the castle

City of Prague from the castle hill

A dusk shot of the city, looking across the valley from the Castle hill. Notice the anomoly of the modern telecom tower.

 Fred and ginger

Ahh modern architecture. Love it or hate it you ahve to agree its a breath of fresh air and hats of to him. Frank Ghery sure gets away with it. The Fred and Ginger Building. Apparantly the parts are dancing together!

 Ill kill you good!

Statues depicting a gentler time. I’ll kill you good!


This is prague for me! Jane and some fuzzy place in the background!

a pretty city

Just one of the many typical views from somewhere in Prague. I swear the whole place is like this. Legoland eat your heart out!

 King Charles bridge at Dusk

See, tourists and more tourists amidst this fairy tale town. Thats King charles bridge looking towards old town and we managed to master the camera in low light. Use the flash to convince the camera its taking close ups and hold it against a building or something alot more steady than me. Taken from the top of a nearby church steeple.

 Inside the cathedral

Inside st Vitus Cathedral, on the hill above prague. Notice the reflected coloured light from the stained glass just left of the center of the picture.

 just above us

Just walking around and this sort of thing appears.


Ahhhhh, the buildings making a captiva out of Jane. Oh the panic! 

 Prague At night

This is what we spent most of our time seeing, given that it was mostly night there.


And finally the fabled Figaro, performed by Marrionettes

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