So 2 weeks down we emerge from under the load of rubble we pulled down on ourselves enough to write this post. Im guessing only Gaz is still out there so to him and everyone else howdy!
we are alive and beginning to come to grips with our new, new existence.
In late September we moved back to London. Jane secured a place in a prestigious course at Westminster University and I was offered a pretty good job several months before we arrived.
So we packed up our stuff, locked a lot of it away in a container…well mostly my stuff and it’s a 40 footer plus a car at a friends.
We madly rushed to finish the renovations with help from family…thanks again guys, until Jane slipped on a drop sheet and Fractured her arm…Plus a storm came through and caused a leak in the roof which destroyed the recently renovated bedroom ceiling so we were never going to finish with three days before our flight.
So we have paid to have it finished, but still await the insurance claim against the ceiling to be completed.
I quick series of short goodbyes to all and 4 of us jumped on the plane to Qatar (look no ‘U’, crazy language) Yes since our london departure we have multiplied. 1 of our own and Narnie came with us to help out with the trip and Jane’s broken arm.
And she has been a champion, thanks Narnie
So our little girl survived the flight over well, except for the last half hour stuck in traffic along embankment in an expensive taxi van drive with a slipping clutch where she began to melt down a bit…not to the amusement of the driver but hey he was paid handsomely for his 2 hour trip…who drives along embankment at any time, even I know that was never going to work, and it was a pre arranged fare so no benefit sitting in traffic
We arrived at our friends house who we were borrowing while they were away, house trashing I think its called, and the bonus here was they dropped the keys to us before we left Australia. the only way to fly I say, free house and an international concierge key service.
so the look for a place to live was on, I started work the following day and Jane uni the day after so house hunting with a jet lagged toddler was going to be a slow affair.

Hang on Dinner time…


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2 Responses to Reboot

  1. Simon says:

    Great to hear you are all well and hadn’t forgotten to update here! Looking forward to hearing your adventures once again.

  2. Gidday 😉

    Sorry, I’m a few days late!

    Please continue….

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