scam rage update

Well, those of you who have been following my siege of the criminals who engaged in credit card fraud against us recently will be pleased to know that I have achieved results! Some time ago I wrote a carefully considered and quite lengthy letter to them, one page outlining exactly why I was displeased with them and drawing their attention to the fact that we never had any sort of financial arrangement with them, and the second quoting the specific clauses of the Consumer Protection Act that they were breaching and an explanation of my belief that they were engaging in criminal behaviour, culminating with a rousing bullet-pointed list of things they should and should not do (do not take any more money, do refund all that they had already taken, etc), and liberally sprinkled with threats to involve police and various popular media sources.

(I didn’t use Justin’s suggestion of adding a small clause at the bottom of the page in fine print, saying that if they do not respond to the letter they are automatically agreeing to pay us 15 pounds a month for the rest of our lives.)

I then got Justin to sign it and sent it off by registered mail! (That’s not a cop out, by the way, it’s just because they would not deal with me as his name was on their records… and I figured he’d be more able to deal with any fall out – hit-men and the like.)

Oddly their first reaction to this masterpiece of sternly erudite letter-writing was to deduct yet another 15 pound sum. Then they must have re-read my letter, finally come to the stunning realisation that they were an absolute bunch of idiots, refunded that latest amount, and then 2 weeks later refunded the whole lot! I am now going to pleasantly delude myself into the belief that as a result of my letter they may have refunded everyone they’ve ever scammed, donated all their ill-gotten gains to charity, filed for moral bankruptcy, and checked themselves into a clinic for an ethics transplant.

We can live in hope.

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4 Responses to scam rage update

  1. Good job!

    I’d continue with the follow up to the media, as no doubt that their business model has this theft as the key income producing item. If they refund everyones money then the company would most likely cease trading, and you know that crooks don’t stop making easy money because of ethics.

    No, they rely on the fact that people will be happy enough get their money and then not bother with them any more. Someone needs to take it to court to stop them.

    [email protected]

  2. Calinda says:

    Good work Jane-o, and the silent letter signer. Glad to hear you were successful. Something tells me dirty rotten scoundrels like these thieves don’t feel much in the way of remorse and will find another victim to torment. The good news is it won’t be you.

  3. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Good thinking to point out the Consumer Protection Act breaches (and to work your way through it to get to the breaches in the first place).
    Is there any way that your obviously effective letter can be made available to all the other poor innocents who’ve been hit? Maybe there’s a blog somewhere (not this one) dedicated to scams and how to deal with them, and you could put it on there. It would be a public service and one in the eye for the criminals. Great result!

  4. James says:

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