shhh im noisy

Ive decided to write here again to keep me quiet as Jane tries to study.

Not sure what shes studying but it makes her happy to be researching stuff so Ill keep my yappy gob shut…of course the incessant typing may drive her nuts too. We may need a bigger place so we can be geographically isolated from one another while persuing our separate intrests. My engine and her reading tend not to be compatible. though in fairness the engine just sits there quietly while the flutter of pages and a hand dragging across a note pad can drive a man crazy…not s bad crazy or a murderous crazy but a silence busting crazy.

Well that didnt last long. our silence broken by crappy indian hip hop booming from 4 stories below. ah well I tried.

Been very busy lately. Team of nine people to manage plus myself at the moment, which is harder than I ever thought. like children they need constant prodding to start work, to meet dealines and do the work properly. They don’t think for themselves often. Some are better than others and the worst are no longer working at grimmies.

Im also busy with squash on a tuesday night and softball on a wednesday night. Jane and I played her first game of squash on sunday before we had dave and sal over for dinner after seeing hancock the movie. Saturday we went all cultural by visiting the psycho buildings exhibition and a crochet exhibition at the Hayward gallery and following that with a cy twombly painting nad sculpture exhibition and street and studio photo exhibition at the TATE. And ai also managed to do most of our clothes washing and clean the house. That reminds me I need to do our jeans tonight… Ill get to that later…Ok relax everyone Ive done it.

Itw as greaqt to see Paul come and visit fromn adelaide on his way to amsterdam and beyond for a work conference. Good to see you mate and I hope you get over the incompetance of londoners…Know you know what Im comlaining about all the time.

Like the BT tossers. Charged us a 150 pound contract cancellation fee for a contract we never had with them. I have made 4 minimum 25 minute phone calls, been passed from pillar to post only to have incompetants carelessers try and solve the issue. Im currently owed three phone calls, one of which was promised. If I could get to India I’d kick their so called british call center dont speak english very well lazy asses. I have real problems, as some of you may have read (should I stop this sentance here) with Corporations sending work offshore. You want to make money in my community, from my neighbours, using my countries resources, THEN employ locals, pay them their worth and make sure they do the job properly. I am personally happy to pay an excise for ethical local trading. Look after our own before we send money offshore in the pursuit of profit! And before you complain that the profits come back to locals who invest, they should have the balls to stand up for their country and demand of the companies they invest to show some commitment to the community they trade in. OK

Anyhow I do get angry! We have had good weather the last few days…well when I say good wether the rain only appears for an hour or so and blows past exposing blue skies. Its still not hot, perhaps 25 at most but its a nice place to be at this time. Work is good for both of us, we are getting out and about, jane is getting sunlight which makes her happy and that makes me happy.

Yeah we went to Italy, Radiohead were magnificent, well worth a week in the countryside to see them, the italians were friendly enough but I just cant reconcile a week of sitting still with fun. We was frustrated we was! so despite our companions lax approach to travel we braved it ourselves and went a visiting.

I was dissapointed that there were no water sports to partake in, I was looking forward to a ski, a parraglide and a speed in a boat. not happening, quiet old lake como eh. But radiohead were magnificent so it made it all worthwhile. It was also hot. I sweated inthe last half of the week as we trotted around in shorts and t-shirts. it was pleasant to apoint but later in the afternoons it would get humid and a little uncomfortable, a bit like south QLD.  But Radiohead were magnificent so It made the heat worthwhile. Did i mention how good radiohead were, they were magnificent!

My bike has payed for itself in train savings. woohoo. Took a little longer than expected, due to winter being colder and more unbearable than I could imagine. 0 degrees is hard to get motivated to put on the lycras and blast through the ice particles otherwise known as air. Did you know that London only gets about 750mm of rain a year, about the same as melbourne and not far behind Adelaide at 550mm a year. whod a thunk it as its always bloody raining here. well perhaps its just misting rather.

Hey just learnt what a subcontinent is. Im not telling as its a secret…google it if you must.


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  1. Allen Taylor says:

    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

  2. max's dad says:

    hi you two, I’m still here, waiting with anticipation for each new entry. You’re travells and adventures both excite us and make us envious. So sorry to hear about the car accident Jane, My dad was in a head on a couple of years ago (both cars doing around 80km) so I know how agonizing it can be. Can’t imagine how it must feel from the other side of the world though. Very happy and relieved to hear that everyones ok (battered vehicales can be replaced – or not if we all sign your manifesto).

    On a lighter note mr payne, Italy is a place to be enjoyed at snails pace. The food, the people, the culture. Immerse yourself you ignorant pomalian (that’s my new term for you – slightly a pom but far too against everything they stand for to completely conform so your still a bit Australian).

    check back in soon, sorry for not writing sooner. Take care you two.

    the keogh’s

  3. You went to see a “nad sculpture exhibition” ? Wow. It’s amazing what passes as art these days. Australia has gone past that and are upto calling child porn ‘art’ 😉

    I agree with your rant though. I had a call from someone claiming to be from “EGSEGAWG”
    “Who?” I asked
    “Who?” A little more annoyed.
    “Oh, Telstra.”
    “Yes, TWFGWEwa. Can you please tell me if your home phone is with Telstra or Optus”.
    “If you worked for Telstra then you should know the answer to that question.” click……

    Must have been the same department that you were talking to.

    [email protected]

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