Shhh, we are being watched


To the smarty pants (GW) who logged on as Agent smith from the M15 very funny!

To the nice secret service agent called Mr Smith from M15 welcome I hope you enjoy… and it was Jane who wrote that last post about things that should not be spoken about.

I cant believe it… we are sick again. makes me mad it does, very mad. I will never use the tube again, damn dirty place it must be. Well when I say I wont use the tube again I don’t mean literally.

We will survive.

We caught our first London Taxi on saturday night/sunday morning. We go caught out in the cold wet night sans bus so hailed a taxi who ultimately tried to tell us we were being ripped of paying the rent we were as he had for rent a 4 bedroom house for less than we were paying. ‘Not far from here’  yeah right! zone 5 is along way away no tip for you, or how about…don’t insult the customer with unsubsatntiated claims of commercial intrest.

We were out and about meeting the sals and simon and dave to plan our Milan trip. Radio head beckons and a week in and around Milan and the north italian Lakes district sounds great, especially in a Mid summer July!

Work is hectic, have clients making demands of my team, and all i get to do is write minutes. I have decided to take a team member with me tot he meetings so i can get them to write them up but so far it still takes almost as long to correct them as it would to write them myself.

Jane had a meeting with Wiggy, who advised jane that she felt happy and believed the project was in good hands. Of course it always was as soon as miss Monk took over. Shes really busy trying to live up to the praise but begining to realise that there is a concept of balance that is laking in her life. I’ll ween her of her self inposed state! I hope

Don’t forget its JAnes 30th Birthday on the 14th of April. yes thats right 30! shes nearly as old as me and possibly older than my mother who has turned 29 the last 32 years. Its odd I know but helps explain me.

We hope you are all well, well, weller than us anyway and look forward to seeing some of you soon and demand that the rest of you come to visit!


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4 Responses to Shhh, we are being watched

  1. Melbourne mum says:

    Sorry to hear you’re both ‘poorly’ again. A few weeks before next winter start taking Vitamin ‘C’. In the morning not at night as it doesn’t stay in the system. Evacuated every day with the rest of the waste. You could try those white masks if you have to travel on the tube. That could help with Sarin Gas, Bird Flu and Mad Cow as well. Actually, I think it is too late for the Mad Cow. Oops, just remembered you get that from eating beef. Guess you don’t have to worry then.

    It’s still very hot. Poor Adelaide, it must be just a city of grease spots by now.

    Gee Jane, ’30’. Guess you’re not a little boy anymore.

    HI Agent Smith.

  2. moylee says:

    Sounds like its time to head back to Sunny Australia, and leave those infectious disease ridden poms.

    Life here is just great 15 days straight of above 35 degree temperature with nothing but dirt, dirt and more dirt around the house. I am so glad we built again.
    Tried to put the back fence up the other week and got as far as the posts, has been sitting there waiting for rails and sheets, but its too bloody hot.

    Oh, and when are we going to see the next installment of Jane’s Nightmare, there must be some more goodies floating around for you to find, especially now your sick and shouldn’t be going out at night, what better time to sit at home searching the internet for more goodies. 😀

  3. Agent Smith? Me? M15 is a motorway isn’t it? Mi5 was a TV show?

    Record heat wave in SA. 15 days in a row above 35. But that’s nothing compared to Marble Bar, WA. 160 days in a row above 37.5. Tell that to all your mates next time that complain about the heat over there.

    26 minimum overnight here, a new record for March in Melbourne.

    Jane hitting 30. Holy bat dung boy wonder, getting to the part of your lives when you need to start popping out offspring. So is that sickness of the morning variety?

    Oh, have a happy Easter. I guess you might not see to much of it in your neighbourhood, but have a good one anyway. Cheers.

    [email protected]

  4. Maddy Senior says:

    Hello Justin and Jane!

    I’ve wandered over to check out what you’ve been up to (a lot of blowing noses it would seem)!

    Glad to hear that (sans colds/flu) you’re doing well, and still enjoying it over there.

    Justin, the timeline for the project you are working on now surely takes you past the two year visa (or is that not an issue for you?)

    Until I next meander by then, M. xo

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