Signing out 02

The grand tour continues, and its being done in fine style better than any post renaisance british toff or prospective artist could ever dream, for starters ‘we are Australian’ read that as per we are sparta in 300 or even better, secondly we are not british toffs or perspective artists. After turkey we found ourselves in Greece, some 12-13 hours later than we planned but these things happen. Not sure what happened but rest assured we’ll never know and Im sure theyll never tell but we arived nice and on time for our Turkish Airlines flight to be confronted by cancelled, it wasnt cancelled when we booked it so a fair assumption upon arriving at the airport was it would be not cancelled then, wrong, so the check in aide bumped us onto the next flight some 7 or 8 hours later. No biggie, drop the check in bags, and hide the carryon in an overpriced locker and back on the train and tram into Istanbul for another half day sightseeying which was well nice, but on return to the airport everything was in mayhem, but no explanation, no help, the usual story. After having been bumped we were then delayed by 6 more hours which after a brief internet search is not uncommon with turkish airlines, and to mention the dirty ‘c’ word…compensation renders staff unable to speak English and of course my turkish, as excellent as it is was not enough to describe my fair and mild tempered frustration at no information or fair play. So we arrived in athens 2 hours after the last train left and was forced into an expensive and unecessary taxi fare to the center, fortunately Greece has craked down on its cowboy taxi drivers and a set fare was introduced and upon selecting our driver an obviously australian Greek taxi driver lauded our choice, I’m guessing he wanted to let the Aussies know he was there, how nice of him. The trip was actually quite painless as our taxi driver selection, aided by him being next in line, was actually a very friendly and helpful chap, in fact we are yet to meet a unhappy, well there was the sweet seller in Istanbul, person. I was worried the islamic turkey may have been a bit like Morocco. wrong! Islamic but not hasslers and was worried about Greece given its current economic problems, riots etc but it truly has been a great week so far. and of course the Grand tour continues having now seen the acropolis, hagia Sofiya and in a couple of days of to Rome.
All is good here, watching the best 30 dance pop videos on Greek TV, it is better than their soap operas…Oh It’s Thriller!


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  1. When I try and picture your trip in the little TV screen in my head, I keep seeing two people with back packs running towards some sort of deadline al lah the amazing race. Glad you made it, eventually! Lots of photos I hope I am looking forward to a good old fashioned slide night.

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