Signing out part 01

well this whole london plan thing is coming to an end, or actually has come to an end, and in such fine british style we were screwed till the last. of course we were supposed to have left on out return pilgrimage on april 1st, ist now the 11th, but UKBA despite their own capital and bold statement, on their own website, a website which they continually direct you towards rather than actually speak to you, stated a 15 day return of documents, yet when we requested the return of said documents, they had our passports and visas oh and nearly 1600 pounds of ours, they firstly took 4 days to understand we actually really wanted our documents back, then when we actually had our stuff in our hands was some 25 days later. and we made no bones about the fact the return of documents was urgent. They had our application for 9 weeks, we requested an urgent treatment of the application, that would take 20 days to assess if it was deemed urgent, and it might no be, we had planned based on UKBA’s own advice to request our documents backin ample time, we were wronged, and what can we do , nothing but leave late, lived under a bridge for a week or 10 days as we had quit our job, left our flat, but could not leave!
But we got them and are underway, but of course 2 days before we actually take off, HSBC who had become, well almost competant, compered to when we first got to the UK had to screw up one more time. We were booking acommodation and flights when we recieved a phone call stating our card had been compromised, by someone booking flights and accommodation, of course the cancelled first asked questions last and of course it was us booking flights and accommodation as previously mentioned. and guess what, they couldnt get a replacement set of cards to us in time before we left so travelling across the world without credit cards. Hmmm.
So we sorted that and I thought Id log into internet banking and pay credit cards of and transfer funds, of course and I can only guess the resetting of the security regime triggered by us using our cards and HSBC trigger happy fraud squad, meant when logging in I needed to reset our security, culminating in a final security proceedure of calling the bank with a number at hand and quoting it. So I duly followed instruction, reentered my details into the phone, pressed numbers according to my needs and was duly passed to an opperator, then went through my details once again, to be told I cannot do what I was doing and had to pass Jane onto the operator who told her off and directed us to the hard bank (branch and not soft bank) Apparently as joint but subservient account holder I cant know anything about our account and we had compromised our own security by knowing our own security answers. so after 2 hours at the branch we had an apology and working accounts and a clear statement to them of our travel itenerary so they dont believe we are compromising our own security again and cancel our one and only remaining last of the lot credit cards. But I have to say and apology doesnt cut it, I wanted a bank manager to fall on his own sword, literally.
Oh, just remembered we threw out our pillows this morning, granted I have needed a new one for 12 months or more but its a sad day when you actually discard a loyal, albeit floppy, thin, sleep stained, probably bed bug ridden friend.

So where are we, well we are not in London anymore, having hopped a plane from Heathrow to the coast of the sea of Marmara where it meets the Bosphoros, As we only just arrived, and had dinner i wont say much tonight, about where we are, but I will continue complaining.

Ok no more complaints tonight just casual observations…
have you ever noticed that the journey home takes less time than actually getting there, well I have and I can say its not true, it took 24 hours to get to the UK, well I cant actually remember exactly but for the sake of this lets say it did, Its going to take 15 days to return to adelaide.

and our stuff all 20 Kg’s of it ( Ok I lie here it amounts to 4.5 cubic meters 158 cubic footsies and I car) will take nigh on 12 weeks to arrive. so maybe our return seems longer as we are carrying so much more but couldnt handle, Oh hang on, Jane has just had a knitting blowout, be right back, Ok where was I, I couldnt handle giving all my stuff up again like last time. Well to be fair again we have 12 cubes, thats what Im calling them now as it takes less typing, still in storage somewhere inAdelaide.
Actually it dawned on me the other day, in the shower , where most things dawn on me that all Jane an I’s (Jane wanted me to correct this but Im living onthe edge tonight so it stays) belongings are controlled by someone else, our storage, our shipping and our financials, we have cloud posessions, stored remotely and intangibly. Trust is our strong suit and perhaps our downfall. Now if your a scammer reading this don’t try it on, we may be trusting but not gullible an actually don’t have anything worth scamming.

anyway our stuff is on its way, the insurance costs more than the actuall shipping and I tell you its a scam, not a scammers scam but a legitimate scam, which really is just a dressed up scam. Cant be happier with our shippers to date, but what they dont quote you on is the insurance. 900 pounds shipping to OZ but near 3k in insurance if we were to insure total loss on true worth, yes we can get cheaper but they are unlikely to pay out on anything but total osss and the shippers havent lost anything yet in 20 years, well so they say, maybe I am that gullible, but scammers, dont believe it, so we insured the best bits and scrubbed our shoes new and prepared everything we wanted ready to be collected. it was easy enough


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