signing out part 03

Well the pick pockets didnt get us in rome and the civil unrest in libiya didnt get us while we were in Istanbul nor did the gorgons in athens…well thats all there was to be afraid of in Athens, and the humidity hasnt got us in singapore, Yes we admit to almost having been ‘got’ by the british home office, but we dodged that hail of bullets like a firing squad wall, which technically isnt much a feat as there is only one bullet and it should lodge in the head of the punished, but you get my point.
a 17 hour transit in singapore has reminded us of possible heat we may encounter in OZ but never fear that is a few months away so we can aclimatise just like the rest of you.
Anyway rome was full of old broken down stuff, the Pantheon ranks as the best of the Roman Buildings in my opinion and to be truthfull I am an expert, the Zaha new Maxxi building was a pretty good building for what we saw and in Italian could understand. I have been vocal of my thoughts of thoise types of buildings but like the fire station in , no i dont have terberculosis, the vitra museum it wasnt al bad in fact the fact im writing about it suggests Im impressed. Nah

Athens was warmer that both istanbul and rome in fact, ther is that word again, remember im an expert so I can use it, was warmer than the uk in all our time there, not saying much, possibly warmer than if you added up the average daily temperature for the duration. Yes thats how Im going to describe my time inthe UK from now on, the duration, If i was an empire builder it may be the occupation, but Im not, In fact, yes one more time, The singapore condition is also a victim of the ‘Empire’ what an interseting and recent history. So to end our empires tour meeting the turks, romans, greeks and british.
I dont think I have complained enough,

Rome had too many broken old things, the hotel was nice though but the hotelier gave me almonds int he shells for breakfast, not only almonds I did get other stuff but. Of course I had to break the shells with the nut cracker and Jane thought it drew attention to us and our special milk and special youghurt that the other plebs didnt get in their breakfast, I like being special, I am special, I am an expert so anything that identifies me as special is OK by me.
Anyway being shoved towards the aircraft so


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  1. Trying to work out your flight back home. All I can find is it ending in Singapore and not how you get back to Aus. I didn’t think that there would be a flight from Singapore direct to Adelaide so I was hoping to find out that you had to go via Melbourne and exit the international terminal and make your way to a domestic flight. Then we could all give you a surprise welcome. I guess by the time you read this you will be back home and I won’t be able to do that. Ah well…. good to have both of you back on Aussie soil 🙂

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  2. BOO!

    What’s this still doing here?

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