Stonehenge 2016

So with Jane’s mum with us, thanks again Anne, we thought it opportune to visit Stonehenge. Last time Jane saw it there was only early site preparations having been completed. Since then it had been completed won heaps of awards and been in many publications and of course not been seen live by Jane.
Up early and started the pilgrimage to the stones, interestingly the henge is south west of London, always thought it was North west. And this explains the longer than estimated journey last time I went via car with Amanda over from OZ all those years ago, wrong and long way round on the M25.
By the way just ordered our Christmas tree and a load of decorations, paid online at 3,30 and its still going to be delivered today, Sunday that is, Sunday delivery of Christmas stuff.
Anyway on the way Edie experienced her first ‘non commuter’ train…Ok technically they are all ‘commuter trains’ but this one wasn’t suburban and took us far away to magic land.

Along for the journey were Edies favourite bird companions, circling topick up any crumbs she may have dropped, and there are many as you would expect.


And Jane standing proud in front of her teams creation. It is a beautifully crafted, well detailed and though out building. I and Im not Jane, was well impressed at it, a perfect response and it all works so well together as a design. Well deserved of it’s credits and knowing one of the prime drivers behind it is quality is exciting


We even bothered to go and see the stones too, it would be rude not to and gave Jane the chance to see the security hub part of the project and ride the landtrain which looked deceptively like a bus!


However Edie was slightly more impressed with her yoghurt spooning skills than either the building or the ancient monument. I have to say the monumental grandeur of the stones was somewhat secondary to her spoon dexterity, which on this day was also secondary to the work Jane had produced.


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  1. Awesome! Didn’t realise Jane had never actually seen the building, it seems so long ago that this happened I just don’t recall the details. Some nice pics 🙂

    [email protected]

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