The Bath

Some photos of Our BATH

This is Bath Abbey Looking up!

Also Bath abbey and surprisingly still looking up

Ok neck is getting sore here, Beautifull fan vaults, perhaps the best in Britain. Bath Abbey again

Also famouse for its large stained glass windows, Some of the biggest in the world

J_Neo in the circus (georgian architecture epicentre)

With all the history about i needed pop culture… And I lost

Bath Abbey is stunning at night.

After 20 odd years of wanting to see these, this is all I got!

Ok So i lied, we got out joined the crowds and saw standing stones… Oh yeah

Old Sarum was quite amazing, in that it stopped to exist in about a 10 year period when the church moved 2 miles to what is now salisbury, This is all thats left.

This is what it turned into 2 miles away.

Salisbury Cathedral, home of the Magna Carta amongst many other things.

Salisbury was not known for the straight edge. Aparrently the cathedral is a little wonky too

Ahh yes of course the whole reason we are here , the ancient Roman Baths

With ancient Roman bath plumbing

Temple remnants

and of course the rusty water

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