The bombings

A few have made mention of the recent terrorist scares we may have experianced here in London… Dont worry. The two cars were found before anything could go wrong and they were small bombs anyway. They were sufficiently far away to have not been a problem other than sending the city into a bit of a disruption transport wise. Trains were still travelling through Piccadilly circus/haymarket where the cars were found. They werent stopping there but did continue through. Of course the Glasgow bomb was in another country some 6 hours by train. The chances of something happening are so remote Im probably more likely to be run over by a rampant cyclist on my way to work or die via smoking as I walk along the footpaths as all smokers are now sidewalk crawlers since the smoking ban came into effect.

The 7/7 Bombs did occur a lot closer to us, in fact Aldgate and Liverpool stations where we travel daily, however statistics have shown that the likelyhood of a repeat attack upon the same place is negligible to nil.

Don’t worry about us, well be fine.


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3 Responses to The bombings

  1. Insomniac mum says:

    Watch out for Indian doctors…… But as you live in a quite a Muslim-ised area you should be quite safe there. As long as you don’t go anywhere…..
    No, only kidding.

  2. moylee says:

    who said we would be worried about you Justin! 😛
    Glad to hear things have been going well. Now where are the photos of you on his Bike, ‘cos I am ready for a laugh. 😀

  3. MummyWinder says:

    Sadly I have not seen the news in the last . . . . . . um 11 years or something (Well that’s a lie, I’ve seen it a couple of times during those years – when the kids were annoying their father instead of me!) So I wasnt worried about you, until you mentioned the bombings, and I want you home . . . . . NOW!

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