To those back home

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers reading this. Judy, Anne, Suzie, Chris, and the rest of you not related!Happy birthday to all those having birthdays, especially Aiden who turned 10 on Sunday and Tara. You’ll all soon be my age! ahahahhahha and commiserations to those who didn’t get what they want, didn’t achieve what they hoped or couldn’t find what they were looking for.

We look forward to receiving Melinda and Phil in early June, the bed has been warmed up and the floor cleared. We also look forward to hosting Paul late June and Anthony and Lea not long after. I might wash the sheets between you all…I might not.

We have heat. Oh yeah this last week has been quite comfortable. jeans and T-shirt weather. Well for us Aussies it is, the brits and other such locals strip down to the barely anythings at the slightest glimmer of sunshine. Again we are considered freaks for our weather dress sense. (winter is 100 layers, summer is 2 compared to the Englishers 4 in winter and none in summer) Thanks god Im on thebike otherwise Id have to traverse the subterranean tubes with poor diet stink!  Poor Jane… Perhaps its time for a new Job

Some of you may have heard there is house hunting going on over here… I tell you its a vicious lie! Or is it!time will tell!



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3 Responses to To those back home

  1. Get a house on Park Ave. and stick a Hotel on it.

    [email protected]

  2. Justin says:

    and you can all pay me massive rent to stay there! do not pass go. go directly to jail.

  3. He’s me, wishing you good fortune and riches, and you wishing me incarseration and the financial pressure that comes with not passing Go.
    Where has the love gone. Where???

    [email protected]

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