Vote for Barbie the Architect

Vote for Barbie’s next career… as an Architect!!! Personally I don’t think she’ll make it through 5 years of University and 2 years of professional training, she doesn’t seem to stick at things for long enough. She wants to be an architect because:¬†“an architect designs buildings and makes sure they’re safe, sturdy and cool-looking”.
I’m kind of torn between wanting to promote women in Architecture, and hating Barbie. Oh the dilemma.
But most of all I want to see Barbie wearing all black… and steel capped¬†stilettos.

Barbie's modernist phase?

Barbie's modernist phase?

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4 Responses to Vote for Barbie the Architect

  1. Gibbleton Mum says:

    I voted yes ‘cos I want to see those stilletos too – but I reckon she’ll have a lot of trouble with the concept of Less is More.

  2. I voted computer engineer. I think girls should be taught from an early age that playing with geeks is good.

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  3. Andy_AS says:

    I note with a little dismay that Barbie has chosen the easy way out, and will now be reinvented as a computer engineer, resplendent in pink glasses, Jessica Simpson-esque wardrobe and a natty laptop no less. Clearly three years at the unibar is preferable to five years actually studying.



    But actually she was voted a new reader first, which I guess takes even less training than a computer engineer. And as a computer engineer, she will have to keep studying the ever changing technology for the rest of her career. Or or first trip to the rubbish bin, which ever comes first.

    I’m off to buy a computer engineer barby for the boss at work…

    [email protected]

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