Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Its Tuesday afternoon, not enough to do so again I though Id post up here some form of something.

Jane did not kill me for ‘the photo’ as I hope it to become known, so all is well.

Thanks so far to all of those who have left messages, good to see Chris is up and about after her run in with trainee doctors and the specialist. Get better soon girl!

To Maddy and Ken thanks for your comments. Now you have found it keep in contact… and Maddy there is always as spare bed for when you came back to the UK… Sorry Ken. Good to here your country villa is coming along, I look forward to seeing photos of the final product.

To max’s dad, and the rest of you who may think Im a decrepit old complaining man with my posts of despair. It is easier to write about the horrible or part horrible things or to put a horrible spin on the great things that happen We have seen some great things but we are living here not visiting so get stuck with the same old things you do, commute to work, morons at work, shopping, shopping and a little more shopping It takes so long to shop over here. Im eating my greens and am quite happy with the way things are going. Jane and I work well together (Oh I mentioned her again, probably get spoken to about this) We spend alot of time together at home and of course at and on the way to and from work. And we don’t hate each other, Sure she doesn’t like ‘the photo’ and it may not be there for long so download away, quickly shes coming… but it surprises me, after all im not the easiest person to live with, I snore, steal the covers, kick the covers off, let the breeze in, overheat her bump into her, crush her and generally make her life hell, and thats all on the way to work on the tube, imagine what I must be like in bed. But shes happy, it’s good to see.

So far we have managed to actually save money. For the first time in some time I have money in the bank. Thats part of what this was all about, and im designing buildings of my own back, and I have cowboy boots. Yep the current trend over here is winklepickers or similar. So I went and bought some Italian, satin black cowboy boots with a slight chisel toe point to them. They have hard soles and the world van hear me coming as I walk the walk. And of course I ve always been able to talk some form of talk so Ive made it. More importantly I have keys. I came to this country with nothing, just a torch a pocketknife a keyring and dreams. Now my keyring is full. I have 2 house keys, 1 post box key, two office keys and a backpack key. I have codes too, codes to get into the apartment building, codes to get into the office and codes to get into my bank account, I have keys and codes and cuddles, I have the three C’s. I have made it. Actually if you count cowboy boots I have 4 c’s and have made it further.

Next weekend Jane and I are of on our first ever B&B, were of to Bath, weather we need it or not… Don’t be silly I mean the place called Bath, an old roman Bathing place with natural springs and a historic little township, voted as the most beautiful town in England. Well see. Its near stonehenge so Im going to see the rocks and if we are lucky we may make it to Avebry where I may even get tolick the rocks… ooh how tasty.

For those that don’t know It was my mums 60th late last month. We buried her.

She always wanted to go to her own wake, so we organised it. Many of her closets friends and family sat quietly in the front parlour of Mansion Payne facing away from the entry in pews towards the coffin filled with an effigy of Mum as the beetles Hey Jude solomenly played. Some of the guests were even crying as she entered the house, a surprise wake really. Mum certainly was crying with laughter as she was ushered to her seat. Congratulations to Dad, Susie,Dr Sis, Gary and the kids for bringing it all together, Pity I couldn’t be there, I may go to the real one though as they have all been, and may not want to go again. Thanks guys.

So fear not those who may have heard about her wake shes alive and kicking, little kicks but they die down soon, its just a reaction.

To all the parents out there, I hope you know who you are… Actually other than keep up the good work I have nothing else to say on the topic.

Nice to hear from you all and keep in contact, only a few of you signed my ‘xpetition’ get it its like a petition or an expedition an all, it’s not going anywhere… neither am I


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4 Responses to Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

  1. Insomniac mum says:

    Close-up of the high-heeled winkle-picker boots please.
    And the links are great – well, the photos still take aeons to download on my antique system but at least we can take them one at a time and flick the switch when frustration kicks in.

  2. So, ‘Big Juz’ I only get a little g? 😉

    Your speach was read out, and there was much giggling. It went over well, good job! Still got the coffin in the back of the falcon, someone had better get it back so I can get the car back, as I gotta earn our existance. Let us know how you are going with a phone line. Cheers.

    [email protected]

  3. MR says:

    glad you now have keys and feel complete

  4. Calinda says:

    Um Juz, we all know you cant spell to save yourself but for god sake, learn how to spell your sisters name – you even spelt the abbreviated form incorrectly. Her name is Suzannah, you might notice the presence of a ‘z’ in her name which extends to the abbreviated form which is spelt Suzie. Also:
    Weather = rain, temperature, clouds etc
    Whether = e.g. one wonders whether or not Justin went to school
    Too = as well
    To = a preposition or adverb indicating the direction, destination, or position of somebody or something
    Off = not on
    Of = used between two nouns, the second providing more information about the first, e.g. Of all the people in the world to be giving spelling lessons I never thought it would be me.

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