We are getting slack or perhaps busy

Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok, I have a life outside updating this site… God!

Ok now thats off my finger tips, Hi guys how are you all.

We are busy doing the thing called life, we shop for food, just like you all do, we prepare dinner just like you do. Ok Jane does anyway. We even wash just like you do. And Paul not like other english people.

Last weekend two ago Jane and I decided a country trip was an appropriate way to spend a saturday together. We fronted up at Waterloo station card in hand rerady to purchase tickets to Windsor. We arrived early enoughto comfortably purchase tickets board the train and enjoy a chance to watch the English countryside go by. What we didnt bargain on was 10.2 billion other commuters also with the same idea and I declare 10.19998 billion (Ok all of them but us) were incompetant at ordering, and paying for a train ticket. 3 purchases in 15 minutes and we were 7 people further back. Der what is my name!!!!!! Oh I English!!!!

So we retreated, but were not beaten. Lets walk the south bank home, a cool walk of an hour or so, past a few areas already visited, and along to a few new ones. 8 and a half hours later we walked into our flat exhausted. We saw the British film institute and took ourselves on a self guided tour, well we walked around alot. We visited the Zaha Hadid (who did, she did!) exhibition at the design museum, walked past the Tate. Nothing new there, visited the artisans in and around the OXO building, purchased christmas supplies at the christmas shop, walked to the middle of the Thames, circled the London City Council building looking at papier mache guitars signed and eecorated by famous artists. I guess its more important they decoration rather than the signature but hey, Im typing and I dont go back to correct orders, punctuate or spell corectle. Hahahahah. Look I made a funny!

Zaha Hadid

zaha hadid UAE

Of course the second we decided to walk home the heavens opened up, it rained for 8.5 hours until we got home. So we took refuge at Pizza express for a quick lunch and dough balls. (Yes dad they were bloody big doughs)

Last weekend we had the PKS summer party in the back yard of the office. A knock them down drag them out affair. The troublesome director got so pissed I couldnt let it go. I commented about his ability to handle alcohol. He pointed, gesticulated and kicked a fellow employee. I love this country, I say what |I want and others get kicked. He should be fired for such behaviour but it is England after all.

Saturday just gone I ventured to the Tour De France prologue around the center of Tourist London. I stood on the 450 meters to go mark across the road from Buckingham palace and watched the race go by. It was a time trial soi every 30 seconds a cyclist would scream past. Preceeded by a motorcycle, a camera motorcycle and two cars. and there are 199 riders. I saw the guy who won and i think I got a short video of him.

There he is in the corner

The following day a friend went to watch the first stage, the peleton went past in 35 seconds, the support cars etc took nearly an hour to pass. Big complex game really.

That night we had Dave and Sal over for dinner. Jane again made a splendid array of culinary treats for us to enjoy. You should all come over before she gets sick of cooking as it really is a culinary experience.

Hmm salad

Hmmm pie

The next day we visited Gerald and Andy who have recently moved to the UK from… Guess where… Adelaide. last people to leave please turn out the lights. They have moved into a ground floor flat with a small rear garden suitable for BBQ’s. Only problem is the weather. Rain, overcast and rain. And this is summer… wait a minute as I type the sun has broken through the clouds and it is heating up, summer is here Ok sorry its raining again, but mr whippy is selling  ice cream to the kiddies… mmm nice ice cream by the way!

With all this Tour coming to london hype I decided to buy a bike. Well I decided about 10 weeks ago and Like everything In third world London I recieved it two weeks ago, It rained heavily for the first half week so I have only done 120 Km on it. Here is a photo from the web as I dont have any good photos of it yet. And Im not sure I want you to see me in my matching bike riding overall shorts, gloves and shoes. Im damn sexy I must say. As nobody else will.


I am very impressed with it. Aluminium frame, carbon forks and other bits, weighs less than 9 kg’s and stiffer than anything I have ever ridden.You get what you pay for as they say.

And of course Wednesday night Jane performed with the Barts choir. I have given her her own page for this momentous occasion. Go have a looksee.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    MMMM! Yummy. Makes me want to scoff it down along with a nice juicy hamburger! Pie needs some cream 😉

    Ok, I’m just stirring. hehehe.

    Nice bike. We’ll have to see some photos of you in bike shorts on a cold day riding to work. On second thoughts, maybe not 😛

    Take care and keep up the blogs.

    [email protected]

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