week 2

To all our followers!?

Its been two weeks in london for us now.

The first few days flew by as we madly chased up phones, Underground tickets (oysters), the street directories (a-z) and started meeting job agents, finding accommodation and just getting over jet lag.

It would seem that real estate agents dont bother answering e-mails, after 30 or so were sent we got the picture and just rang them or lobbed up on their doors demanding to see something. It worked and after 4 days of searching we settled on a place in Aldgate East, an old Doss house off Fieldgate street.

We also met with three job placement agents all of who said our folios and experience were great, little did we know then there may be a bidding war on our employment by a number of firms eager/desperate to employ us.

I did 11 interviews and jane so far has done 10 with more to follow next week so I hopefully will have a job on monday after I sign the acceptance of my prefered firm, and intend on starting the following monday.

have a look at our view and our living quarters, Ill update with some history of the building and our job prospects etc a little later once I work all this out

For now, see you all later


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  1. Insomniac mum says:

    So you’ve mastered the intricacies of getting stuff onto The London Plan!
    Good one Justin. Photos next? Keep it coming, your fans are waiting for more.

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