Well done kids

I write today to congratulate my Nephew Aiden and Niece Ella on great performances recently. So far they have ammassed several medals in gymnastics and trampoline. Aiden scored a bronze and silver in the trampoline at state level (or is it on the Trampoline)and Ella got Gold at her club championship in gymnastics. Not only that but Justin is doing great at football and hopefully his team will take the title this year, Well done guys, and I guess its not long before Logan gets in there and lays claim to some cold metal!

Also Happy birthday Dad for the begining of May. Wish we could be there but life has drawn us to the far reaches of the world. We were there in spirit though, so hope you didnt sleep too badly with a mysterious feeling of our presence late at night.



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  1. Krusty the clown says:

    How in god’s name did i stumble on this site?
    Not only am I too lazy to read everything you guys write but my response in writing is worse.
    Hope to talk(not write) soon?

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