What a week

Or should it read, what did we do this week, or maybee how much work did we do this week or finally all we did this week was work. Having had the misfortune of being born and raised in Australia it would appear that we have a better than average work ethic. I know its hard to hear parents of ours but compared to some of the locals we are stars… well we were always stars in your eyes so I shall rephrase… we are slaves. I think it took until the 3rd week for jane and I to be the last to leave the office at night, now more than not we are the last to leave everynight. We work the hardest seemingly and no douubt achieve the best results… but more on that another time. So this week has been divide between getting ready for work, getting to work, working and getting home from work and sleep again. My project is running a bit behind as I have a director who has no idea or no intrest or both, and Im trying to do the work of two since my work collegue resigned. JAne is trying to complete a client presentation by tuesday morning after having to redesign mid this week, not to mention the dramas shes having with the same director and her work collegue with one years experience and belief that he can design. Hes wrong and has hampered the progress by not doing what his asked and even worse, changing the design to suit his ideas while his drawing it up. Id punch him jane…

By the way Jane is not here to correct my mis-statements today as shes at home working on the computer to meet her deadline.

We did however get out last night when we caught up with Dave and Sal for dinner and a film. We ate at Hommous Bros, as the name suggests was a hommous bar where hommous is served with a number of toppings to your choice. Cheap and cheerfull and quite good, we then went of to the Curzon cinema in Soho to see a Danish film. After the wedding… see it and cry like most of the audience… bit sad in places, very well acted and directed etc. 4.5 stars from me.

Then again we encountered train dramas after or during a meeting with the Changs, they were put out the most ths time as a customer incident at Kings cross saw everyone diverting around the scene before the tube closed 35 minutes later. We all headed south despite the need to go north for alternate routes. Not sure how dave and sal went, havent heard from them again, may still be trying to get home.

We did manage to get out during the week for dinner, we got out of the train at Liverpoolstation grabed a pastie each from the pastry shop on the station and walked home from there, and saturday we managed to walk to borough market, buy the most expensive fruit and vegetable in the history of expensive fruit and vegetable, then jane decided she needed one of her rare coffee’s So we hunted high and low to find a soy( or soya as the say here) coffee. Needles to say in little backwards land the only provider was a starbucks that opened up near us during the week, of course when we show up they are being protested by about 50 people, claiming starbucks should be fair trade, which is fair I suppose, they do have a fairtrade line but compared to the thirty coffee lines they sell its not so good, so we boycotted the place and set up Brick lane to the next local fair trade coffee place, they serve their coffee in papar anmd plastic cups so they werent suitable, at least Starbucks use mugs and wash them, so the cups dont go to landfill and rot giving off poisonous gasses and more Co2… As I have been told. So the coffee cost us 20 pound as it came with lunch.

I had a surprise when the 4 back issues of retroford a small ford magazine, I had ordered arrived on saturday so |I have a month of reading if I take my time, connecting me back with by precious green machine… Oh I hope jane doesn’t read that.

Anyway as nothing much has happened here that will do for this week. Dont forget you can leave messages here and reply to our posts, at least mark it with anĀ  x or something to let us know you are tuning in.

Until next week,


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6 Responses to What a week

  1. Insomniac mum says:

    For “customer incident” read “frustrated commuter finally commits hari kari by getting splattered all over the rails.”

  2. Ken and Maddy says:

    Hi Justin and Jane,

    Have just been told about your blog! We felt the need to congratulate you on your speech and invitations for Jude’s 60th- very entertaining. Glad to hear that all is going well, and will try to keep up-to-date with your goings-on.

    M and K

    P.S- Our Maldon house is at lock-up stage. Hooray!

  3. admin says:

    It all sounds really wonderful. Don’t forget to remember how wonderful it really is.

    Lots of Love Chris.

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