What cheek.

On my way to work this morning I was pulling my train pass/wallet out of my pocket. A pound coin that was caught also came out with my wallet, rolled down the back of my leg and onto my heel, then it sprang across the floor. I felt it, identified where it was heading and clambered after it! BUT before I could get there, Noting I didnt feel it was worth knocking people on their asses for it, A woman caught sight of it and began her persuit of it. I will never be able to prove this but, I believe she may have had a squeel of glee as she did so. We arrived behind the coin together, as it continued it’s break for freedom. I paused momentarily to identify to my fellow persuer that the coin was mine, she struck upon this oppertunity, given her by my pause, and dived down after it. She beat me to it and refused to give it back!.

In  my world a moving floor coin has obviously just fallen from a pocket, and invaribly the person following it is its current keeper and they obviously want it back. In her world and moving floor coin is hers, and I could extrapolate that if it’s in your pocket, it is potentially a moving floor coin thus again she’d argue it is her coin too.

I was dumbfounded! I should have kicked her in the head! Im so angry!

I was walking behind another tosser the otherday, He decided that the corner where I would be turning to get to work was an acceptable rubbish suppository, a half eaten sandwich, its wrapper and protective cardboard sleave. I identified his erranous ways, asking that he place it in a bin as people work and live in the area. He used some blue language aimed at me and took off. How far do you go. I could have legged it caught him and rubbed his nose in it as I was substantially larger than the little twirp, but Id be arrested and become a bigger mans play thing. Not on i say. Vigillante environmentalists. Greens with guns! oh yeah


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4 Responses to What cheek.

  1. We have a pommy guy here. He moved over here as he was fed up with the crime and disrespect the younger kids get away with. Said something about being under 14 you can get away with anything. After they stole the bike off the roof of his car, and the roof racks it was locked to, he had enough and left to come to paradise, Australia.

    Also, not sure what it’s like now but I thought all the rubbish bins were removed as it was a popular place for the IRA to dispose of their bombs.

    Hi to the secret service that might have picked up on the word ‘bomb’.

    [email protected]

  2. Melbourne mum says:

    Oh! please son and son-in-law, I can’t stand the mirth. I’m not sure if your demeanour Juz, is humour or delirium. Jane must be leaving you alone too much. Do you talk to the walls yet?

  3. Agent Smith says:

    Hello from the Secret Service.

  4. FLRPmaster Joergi says:

    Speaking of bikes: there’s quite an amazing awareness test (turns out to be a plea for drivers not to run over too many cyclists..) on http://www.dothetest.co.uk/

    Still going to work by bike? Good on yer..

    Best (and regards to Jane),

    (See you again sometime on Skype..)

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