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Well after Morocco we were home for a week (well it should have been a week but our early return made it a week and a half) before Anne showed up. Early sunday morning…and I mean early we got to the car to find it locked in as the auto gate wouldnt open, remote batteries flat or broken or british!
Well we made it only a few minutes late after a replacement car was found, however Annes flight had arrived an hour early, not to worry! we found her in a queue making purchases

It was great to see her and we toured home showing her the sites in the car which we had booked for way too long and had to get value for, crossed the tower bridge 400 times making the random terrorism check police post very suspicious, not too suspicious but just enough.
The following weekend we again hired a car and set of on there magical family history tour of west england. JAne and Anne amongst others had done a substantial amount of research into locations of key events in the history of their family, by Key I refer to deaths marriages and possible lives at certain addresses. at the same time they had found several references to my family. when I say at the same time, Anne had done a great deal of research on my behalf into the Payne and Andrew names (dad and mum) and branched out into other family tree threads to discover ancient Payne’s had come from Somerset, The Gug, west camel, yeovil, wincanton and surrounds, forgive If I got any of those names wrong or claimed Monk/Worthley family haunts as my own, I don’t have the details in front of me here at work and we visited so many small towns, standing at alters where old family were married, christened, baptised, circum… you know what I mean.
Of course we visited many of Janes relatives haunts as well, we discovered the plaques on a wall inside a church dedicated to her relatives, and another gravestone in the churchyard, we also visited the 3rd Earl of Somerset’s Home, Petworth house Well it was his home for many years but there were also many others, the reason I mention this particular earl is his connection with Jane. Yes Jane is landed gentry in disguises, her disguise being half a millennia and a globe of separation but that’s close enough for me. It turns out that the Earls, mistress Elizabeth Ilive, later to become wife and mother to his children, had a brother, the earl in all his wisdom and generosity packed the brother and his family off to Australia back in the 1800’s. That family through one way or another became Janes family which led to Jane in the natural way. There are even paintings and knowledge about Elizabeth Ilive on the walls of the great house, famed for its very impressive art collections and lifestyles of the family at that time…very exciting

OK Ill be back


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    Oh you’re kidding, I’ve only been there about six times!

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