what is wrong with the world?

The large gap between posts probably has something to do with the state of play ailing todays world. then again it might not, it might simply be that I have been too busy and so little other than work is happening that I thought not to bother the readers with a diatribe about the incompetants and self interested’s that I have to deal with. Not to mention the constant hours spent either siting in front of a LCD lightbox or travelling the express to sit in front of a ungratefull crowd informing them of what they want.

Somehow I need to find time to wash in the morning and occasionally clean the house. Very rarely however! Not that my daily grind is unlike anyone elses, but I have a forum from which to complain, so I do.

Jane and I now have our spanky new Passports so we are all set to travel…problem is we are both too busy to do so. we have a paris trip planned and are contemplating spending christmas in Morocco, which should be cool, not freezing like the UK or the mainland will be. I wonder how the Brits like their little island being refered to, as located off the mainland! I should ask one of them. nah too hard!

Jane is really enjoying her new job, seems she fell up from the tree to oftier heights, the tall stones and their history and cultural significance is right up her alley. but this probably isnt what is wrong, nothing bad could come from Janes happiness at work, especially with the variety of food vendors available at her door.

I have now been Coke free for two months, it was hard to start, the withdrawls were hard to bear but within a few days they had retreated behind a new lease on life, I have almost walked to work 70 percent of the time, even gettimng up at 6:00 am to be at work after walking for 7:00. This could be what is wrong  with the world, but probably not, 3 litres of water or is it liters, damn this english language, as I type most of my Australian gets underlined demanding attention and correction.

I iron alot more these days! thought Id mention that!

dont know what Id mention it, perhaps to make mum proud, perhaps cause it popped into my head, perhaps…well no Idea really but you didnt need to know that my cats breath smells like cat food so Ihad to add somthing there otherwise this post would stop

and that is whats wrong with the world!



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7 Responses to what is wrong with the world?

  1. 'not justin' says:

    hey look a comment in like a minute of posting…wow

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks Justin,

    I enjoyed that very glad to see a post up. Have you guys thought about being on Facebook? Peter put me onto it and I have caught up with so many old friends it is really great.

    Lots of Love

  3. Way to go Ralph!

    Hmmm. Is the cat a Vegan too?

    [email protected]

  4. Adelaides fastest Barina says:

    They don’t get much more random.

    Good to see you are still alive.


  5. Calinda says:

    I’m confused…..what cat????

  6. Not Justin says:

    the one whose breath smells like cat food!

  7. moylee says:

    sounds like you need to do more shopping for the race car, your brain is turning to mush!

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