What she didnt know didnt hurt her

As it was Jane’s Thirtieth Birthday on Monday I thought I should do something special. unbeknown to her I booked us a weekend away in Paris this weekend gone. I had to get her to Kingscross station for a quick walk across the road to St.Pancrass the eurostar station at 5:00 pm on Friday…which is work time so I lied and cajoled the world to make it happen…It wasn’t that hard actually I just asked her to show up, spun her a line about a dinner somewhere special and she showed up. Thank god otherwise we would have missed our train. Ok maybe it wasn’t that desperate, we sat for an hour after a dream cruise through ticketing and passport control. The new Eurostar Terminus is very well done, but who cares.So into the night we travelled at high speed, expecting like last time to stop every dozen yards or so, but to my surprise we disembarked on time and made our way across Paris on the metro to our hotel. Only 500 meters from the Eifel tour, and if it wasn’t for 1 building we could have seen it from the window of our room. How romantic that would have been! ehwww.Anyhoo, we had a great weekend in Paris, the weather was on the most good and the Frenchies were quite pleasant. We visited quite number of places that we hadn’t seen before. I intended a quiet relaxing sit at the Cafe and watch France go by weekend, as soon as Jane discovered our destination it was like watching a drill sergeant whip the troops into line, left, left, left, right, left here there everywhere.We climbed Sacre Cour (sp), entered the Le orangerie (sp) delved into the Notre Dame (sp) crypt, circled Center Georges Pompidou (sp) and rode the Metro all over town.At night we ate at Parisses best restaurants including Friday nights ‘Le hard Shoulder’ eating la takeaway overlooking la Seine and the practice Statue of Liberty, watched over by the ever illuminated Le tour Eiffel (sp)Just before we left for Paris we fulfilled Jane’s last birthday Birthday present which was provided By Dave and Sal. Gig tickets of Jane’s choice became a gig to where Dave and Sal bought tickets. As it turned out they were perfect. We went to see VAST play their only and First ever London Gig. The venue was only about 800 people small and a great cross section of people showed up from Oldies to punks, rockers to yuppies. VAST were spectacular and we may have made it into their video made on the night.Since Paris we celebrated Jane’s Birthday at Manna restaurant in Primrose Hill, actually across the road from my First London Project. We had a great night with 8 friends and some of them presented Jane with another promissory Present. This time she’s getting a guitar… oh yes you read correctly, a fender Guitar. They are very good to her.We have had some great news… we are not married or engaged or pregnant… so don’t ask. We can’t tell anyone yet, or can we Jane? Watch this space!We saw another great play at the Barbicans art house theatre, this time a couple of NZ chaps reflected lonely nights between the hours of 3am and dawn as experienced by various characters. They presented spoken work stories accompanied by live music, recorded and looped and played back in an ever more complex soundtrack and video imagery. Instructions for modern living!… we recommend it.What else have we been up to, we had a very busy month, all a blur now? but we await the next busy period which is June. We have three parties coming to visit as well as our week in North Italy, around the lakes district to see Radiohead in Milan trip! so Don’t expect to hear from us during June!I might get around to finishing this post… I might not See-you-by 

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8 Responses to What she didnt know didnt hurt her

  1. Gibbleton Mum says:

    You’re driving us nuts Justin – c’mon, fess up, what is it???????
    Eeeeeeek, I can’t stand it…….

  2. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Oh, it’s OK, maybe possibly I’ve thought of something……

  3. Who keeps bugging you about being married or engaged or pregnat? And why are you not any / all of them?

    Ok, I’ll shut up. 🙂

    Le [email protected]

  4. FLRPmaster Joergi says:

    .. finally a report of a journey to France by an english-speaking person who isn’t whining about how beautiful Paris would be were it not for the unbearably arrogant French..
    I’ve heard so many accounts of Americans (who else), being absolutely shocked to find out that there are people, who are not impressed by their utter ignorance towards foreign languages (and hence place names etc.), that this comes in as a nice change.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed Paris.
    Happy (belated) b’day, Jane!

    See you on skype,

  5. Melbourne Mum says:

    Anne, you’re as bad as they are. WHAT IS IT????????????????????????
    I’m thinking something to do with someone’s job??????????

  6. justin says:

    all will be revealed post 13th june!

  7. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Juz, maybe you could whisper in your Mum’s ear ….. no-one else would hear it from this distance you know…….

  8. Melbourne Mum says:

    Yeah Juz, do what you’re told. I’m beginning to feel like a second rate citizen here……………..

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