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So it looks ever more like we will be heading back to Australia for a while at least. I can’t and thus won’t promise forever, so a while it is. But where should we settle, There are two options that have immediate merit, these are , if you havent guessed it Melbourne and or Adelaide, but we’d be open to other destinations should the opportunity arrise.
So help us decide, let us know which state loves us the most and you stand a chance of possibly swaying our decision.



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21 Responses to where to live

  1. Justin, Aiden, Ella & Logan says:

    Justin, Aiden, Ella & Logan all want you to come and live in Melbourne, and close to us!

  2. I suggest where ever you can get a job first.
    But I also suggest you start looking for a job in Melbourne 😉

    Adelaide is a good second choice.

    [email protected]

  3. The kiddies says:

    Justin, Aiden, Ella and Logan all say Melbourne, and somewhere close to us!

  4. Alex says:

    I think it highly unlikely that this poll will have any baring on the decision. Where you can both get jobs might be more persuasive. However, in the interests of getting some Adelaide love represented here, Dave, Sophie and I would love it if you moved to Adelaide!

  5. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Adelaide, of course!! that’s what we’d love. But to be fair, I suppose it’s Melbourne’s turn (sob sob). Actually though, anywhere you can get the fabulous and highly-paid jobs which you of course deserve will be bearable, as long as there’s a spare room for all the rellies to descend on you …… heh heh …!

  6. Justin, Aiden, Ella and Logan says:

    We still all say somewhere near us!

  7. Adelaide Mum says:

    Hey, how many times is Melbourne allowed to vote?? !! So I’ll just add – somewhere near us!

  8. Dean says:

    Adelaide has some Suzuki set lap times that the Escort needs to beat….. but truth be told anywhere in Aus is easy much easier to visit!

  9. Paul Herzich says:

    Hi J&J,

    Hope all is well.

    You could always live in Bordertown. Yes, thats in SA, but at least you’ll be half way between your loved ones……

  10. melbourne mum says:

    Sorry Anne…..my turn!

    Nah, they both need to be able to get meaningful work. Maybe Jane could transfer to the Melbourne office of the company for which she currrently works. Mmmmmm!
    There’s currently a competition for a refurb of the Flinders Street station. That’s right up Justin’s alley and in line with his stated preference. Mmmmmm!

  11. Logan says:

    cum live in melbn plees bee because i love you 🙂 logan

  12. Logan says:

    Dear juz can u plz come liv in mel coz ts n awesm place to liv n and i luv u 😉 <3 luv ELLA 🙂

  13. ella says:

    Dear juz can u plz come liv in mel coz ts n awesm place to liv n and i luv u 😉 <3 luv ELLA 🙂

  14. Justin says:

    Im only moving to melbourne if the kids (Gary) can learn to spell properly not using text speak!!!!
    Young peoples pfffft
    and I will hear nothing from anyone about my spelling…Im never trying to convince someone of my topix!

  15. melbourne mum says:


    You’re starting to sound like an ‘old fart’ . Do as I say and all that…….what was that I remember, something about black kettles?

  16. the dad says:

    not at 144 myhouseplace Rd!!!!

  17. Not me this time Justin, Logan typed in his message himself with the help of Ella, and Ella did her own message. I was not even in the room!

    See – they really do love you!

    [email protected]

  18. Simon says:

    I am with Dean,

    You have some times to now knock off in either the escort or the swift when it arrives back. now a 1.23.5 😀

  19. justin says:

    hey big juz 🙂
    you should defenantly come down to melbourne 🙂
    it is nice here 🙂
    we need more family close to us!!
    and we miss you and would most likely spend heaps of time with you 😀 because we love you haha
    but yeah we have fun stuff to do here in melbourne 😀
    so come to us!!!!!

  20. Suzie says:

    I guess if you just cant pick sides, there’s always Bordertown, we know there’s been motorkhanas there before and maybe still a race track of some sort??

    But seriously, where is the Escort Justin??? I may have to prevent access unless the ‘right’ decision is made.
    You have less than two months to decide or the Escort may go missing for good . . . ..

    This message will self destruct in ……5………….4………….3……….

  21. Rob Gilleade says:

    Hey Justin and Jane,

    Have you actually made the move back to OZ or are still comtemplating what you want to do? The reason I ask is that I have now made the move to the UK and it would be great to catch up if you are still around.

    Well will leave it there you can contact me on




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