where was I

so last time you read about our travels I think we were mid Morocco! well if it wasn’t assume it was as that is where I am going to start. Actually Ill be back in a minute, better see where I was up to…

Ok so we had alluded to Roman towns and corrupt police, and a mini meca. What wasn’t mentioned was poison and thats what happened, as you could guess from my not mentioning it, poison was not on my agenda, we spent the day at Voulubilis, an excellently preserved ancient roman town which was still inhabited up until the 18th century when it was destroyed by the great Lisbon earthquake, think it was about 02:00 am in 1755. it was quite amazing place with a stunning visitor centre, yet to open, and talking with a local it has been yet to open for quite some time. During the day it was hot, drank lots of water but was feeling a pain in the kidney region, this odd pain explained itself at about midnight in a diabolical stomach upset. 12 vomits in 3 hours, yes I said it , its out there in more senses of the word, I cant take it back. It didn’t destroy any long standing period of non convobulation (sic) but it was unwelcome.

So what do you do when your pal is face down in the bowl with uncontrollable spasms at 3am. Jane found it the perfect opportunity for a bit of late night sightseeing with her newfound buddy, the night manager from the Riad. even went so far to pick up the dry cleaning.

Perhaps a little unfair, Jane actually spent 3 hours being raced, literally raced around the streets of Fez on a pilgrimage to find an open medico to find a chemical to stop me purging! Of course the hour before was spent in discussions with Mr. hero as to where he might go, then a call to another friend who had a car, and finally another friend who wanted to come fro a ride. So Jane piles into the car and hops from closed location to closed location after another, even the hospital A&E is closed…so I’m told…until they happen across a chemist next door to the dry cleaners where out night manager has something to pick up, at 3am??? No hospital but you can get your dry cleaning a haircut and countless other things so I am told. Anyhow her return heralded the beginning of a two week recovery from whatever it was (food poisoning, remember the sun, the hot and the food left out in it, I ate it and got sick)
Unfortunately no sleep and an onward booking meant we had to trudge across the country in the car to Meknes. Strangely the map of the Medina looked like we could drive to the door, so we tried as the roads got narrower until oncoming traffic, even though its only 1 car wide, stopped progress, so we parked up and made the rest of the journey on foot. Unfortunately the Riads errand boy didn’t understand when we said we were at the end oft he road when he escorted us back to the car via every carpark in the quarter hoping our car was there, when we finally escorted him to our car, a place he had never been, only 5 minutes walk from the Riad. I can sort of understand though, as Jane was trying to convince the young fella of his misunderstanding, a CRAZY woman attacked me, jumping in my way to block my path through an arched opening she reached fro my throat with one hand and with the other struck a toothpick against the stonework and thrust it mewards! Holy Cow! what’s going on I though as I deftly avoided shishkabobing. of course Jane and her friend barely register my brush with death while already on the edge of it. CRAZY woman I tell you.
Meknes unfortunately was wasted as we sleep the rest of the afternoon to catch up and allow me to recuperate. we wandered a bit in the evening for as long as I could and witnessed the breaking of Ramadan from Meknes’s public square.
The next day we decided to push on and head for the desert hoping I would be feeling better, whose had food poisoning for longer than 24 hours eh. ME as it turns out. Our drive to Midelt was fairly uneventful, via Ifrane, the kings ski resort/university town. In the high atlas mountains there is this pristine French style village that attracts the best Moroccans for their annual holidays, to ski and generally not be hot and dirty as per the plains. Quite amazing.
Oh yeah! then there was the police, pulled me over and fined me for being there, we negotiated what the fine would be, they wanted 400 dirham’s, I said no, they said 300, I said no, the conferred with one another and offered a final bid of 100 which I took. Thanks for that guys, good to see CORRUPTION is live and well. Only problem Jane and I saw when discussing the possibility of this robbery was if they, the coppers had guns…they did and our Hire Peugeot, while agile and by far the quickest modern thing on the road wasn’t as fast as the coppers 6 little friends. and I didn’t want to return the hire car with 6 bullet holes and blood stains, so we stopped and graciously had money stolen from us. King Mohammed VI clean up your country!
ll be back, dinner needs my attention

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  1. Hmmm. see my previous comments about how tourists are treated…. but you made it out. I would not have even gone there in the first place. You are both crazy!

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  2. Gibbleton Mum says:

    What is even more crazy is that they are thinking of going back!!

  3. Better make it quick before santa arrives…

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  4. Oi!

    That’s not what I wrote 😉

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