windsor from not so afar

From outside Windsor castle. The queen is not in as its the English flag flying. She’s avoiding US

Jane on Drugs

Jane posing for the cameras. Oh my public!

whos a lucky queen

The mote, now not used so much for defence but as a place of reflection. Needs weeding in my opinion, c’mon liz.

Jane and the great courtyard

Behind Jane is the ceremonial parade ground palace court. Only gaurded by a single Beefeater.

Hmmmm arrow loop holes

A real castle with real thick walls and arrow loops. No body was shot while we were there!

Jane loves a collonade

Jane loves a cloister, just loves them.

battle won artefact (not worn)

Boom. Whatch out below. A cannon removed from a spanish galleon after losing to the royal fleet.

climb this ya bastard and ill hot oil ya

If the archers, and cannons dont get you on your seige the walls and steepness of the approach may demoralise even the hardest conquestador!

so castle like 1

Is that the face of MAry in the wall… no its a grusome or gargoyly probably named Norman?

so castle like 2

So legoland like, not that I have been there or will be allowed to go!!

great builders in England!

They build them strong and true in the town of Windsor . Look at the door, its almost sideways.

 us on the road to Eaton

On the Bridge over the Thames separating Windsor and Eaton. Yes its us

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